Update of recent and upcoming projects

Here is some of what I have been up to and what is about to start consuming my life.

Last month I took part in a performance of Vexations over in Berkeley. You can check out the write up here.

I just finished Waves for six guitars. This will hopefully be premiered at SFCM sometime next calendar year. It was partially inspired by Reuben Margolin‘s work.

I am working on Piano Piece I, which will be the second piece in the series, following last year’s Piano Piece VI. Once PPI is finished, PPV will be underway.

I am writing an oboe and bassoon duet for the wonderful Kris King and Sydne Sullivan entitled …on all sides of ours lives. We will be recording this on the 10th and premiering it on Sydne’s recital on the following day.

Today I met with The Living Earth Show to start on the piece that I will be writing for them for the April 2, 2013 concert at SFCM, I watch the fire as the days echo away. I’m stoked to be working with awesome people and musicians on this project.

New Keys just performed IV at their fall concert and did an awesome job with it. I will be writing a two piano eight hands piece for them for the spring.

I am going to start work on a new orchestra piece, the emotional impetus behind which came from my work at the SFCM Archives.

And lastly, I will be doing an installation at the Hot Air Festival this year which I am totally stoked about. I am excited to branch out from a strict concert setting for my work. It is an option that I have thought about exploring and I look forward to my first venture with it.


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