post-Thanksgiving Update

Spent Thanksgiving with the family in Orlando. It is always great to get some distance and perspective on things. Not to mention spending time with the folks. The year is winding down, but there is more going on than ever.

The Mobius Trio return from their East Coast tour, playing my piece, Initial Darkness, among other works. The boys had a blast over there and I have heard nothing but awesome reviews. Hopefully a recording of some sort will be forthcoming in 2015, so keep an ear out for that.

I am very excited for my new string trio to be premiered by the Guerrilla Composers Guild. Vijay Chalasani, Chris Whitley, and Crystal Pascucci are ripping it to shreds. Entitled I Smoke My Pipe, there will be two performances, one in San Francisco and one in Oakland. Also on the program will be music by GCG co-founders Nick Benavides and Danny Clay. (Both of whom have just updated their websites and they look amazing. Check them out!)

I just finished up two pieces for the Left Coast Ensemble’s Intersection 2015 workshop. Both short works written specifically for the participants. One is for clarinet, viola, and piano entitled Firefly Reflections. The other for flute, violin, and cello, entitled in the moonlight there were flowers.

I have a tendency, whenever I am in need of a title or two, to just pick up the nearest book of haikus and use something from the first couple that catch my eye. So far this has worked remarkably well, as the titles it has produced have had a fitting resonance with the emotional quality of the works in question.

Some electronic work of mine may surface sometime over the next couple of months. Keep an eye on this space and I will be sure to let you know when and where.

As mentioned before, I am working on a new song set with the poetry of J.L. Nowak. Again, another artist very much worth your time to take a look at. I will be setting her work Frames, which will include a visual component.

Lastly, a teaser of more work that will be coming up in later in 2015, check out the poetry of Roy Doughty.

Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope to see you at some of the shows coming up.

UPDATE: check out the interview I did with the Guerrilla Composers Guild about the upcoming show here!

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