In an unnamed society, against the backdrop of war, Hunter, a female soldier, falls in love with the girlfriend of one of her fellow soldiers. Forced to face their own true desires, what will they risk for love? 


a chamber opera
in three acts
and approximately 2 hours in duration

with an original libretto by Caitlin Mullan

premiered July 14, 15, 21, 22 at the Exit Theater in San Francisco




to watch the entire opera, go here.



Hunter – soprano (coloratura)
Addison – soprano (lyric)
Max – tenor (acting/lyric)
Olivia – soprano (lyric)
Vanessa / Commanding Officer – soprano (soubrette/lyric)
Bronwyn – mezzo-soprano (lyric)


ENSEMBLE (6 players)

Clarinet (doubling bass)
Percussion (woodblocks, sandpaper, snare, brake drum, shaker, clave)

Also needed:
oracle bells (handbells, chime bells, deskbells, etc.)
Addison’s harp (zither, guitar, harp, etc.)


If you are interested in obtaining excerpts, the full score, or rights to Hunter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

all images courtesy of Valentina Sadiul.