Holidays 2014

The Guerrilla Composers Guild concerts were awesome. If you missed them, you can check out a review of the first concert here, and listen to the recording of my string trio below and on my Sounds page.

[Vijay Chalasani, Crystal Pascucci, and Chris Whitley performing. Nick Benavides and Zach Miley recording.]

I will be spending the holidays in upstate New York, experiencing my first white Christmas since I was five. I continue to make my way through Jan Swafford’s monumental new Beethoven biography, which so far, has already been tremendously illuminating. I am also finally getting back to some fiction, having just taken a detour to engross myself in some thoughts on poetry, in preparation for the numerous projects coming up next year involving poetry.

2015 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year, but I shall save details on everything for later. For the moment, I shall bid adieu for the rest of the year as I head out to enjoy a welcome change of scenery.

Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year

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