I recently interviewed Ted Hearne re: SF Opera Labs production of his work The Source.


Here are a few passages from late Brahms that I find noteworthy for their notation choices. [N.B. This is from a Schirmer edition.]

Fantasies for Piano, Op. 116 No. 5

Fantasies for Piano, Op. 116 No. 7

Three Intermezzi, Op. 117 No. 2

I am very excited that ALMANAC, a collaboration between myself and Danny Clay, is finally making its way out into the world. It will be doing so at a concert at the Center for New Music this Saturday at 8pm.

As part of most artistic processes, there are certain bits that get left on the cutting room floor for whatever reason. Here are two of my favorites from this project. One track and one visual scrap.

(original photography by Carlin Ma)

So it is still summer, moving along as summer does, both glacially and instantaneously. Here are some updates on things.

Short Takes

I’ve added a page to the site to collect all of the Short Takes as they appear.

Here’s the latest one


Opera Theater Unlimited, who have commissioned me for a new opera, just put on an exemplary performance of Monterverdi’s Poppea. Check out the review here.

I’m so excited and having a ton fo fun working on this new work. Most of my compositional energies are centered there currently.

Music for Metal Strings

The concert back in May went so well! Thank you again to everybody who made it out. For those of you who couldn’t make it, the videos have finally been posted. Check them out below!